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Pros of Boxing as Fitness

Pros of Boxing as Fitness

As a means of fitness, boxing is a wonderful workout that uses own body weight as the only source of resistance.  There are several reasons why it is becoming popular with those who want to stay fit without going to the gym.  Some of the pros associated with this form of exercise can help you determine if it works for you.

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1. Not Expensive

One thing that makes boxing an ideal exercise option for people who don’t want to pay high monthly fees or commit to personal training sessions or even purchase complicated equipment is that you basically just need to buy some gloves and wraps for your hands so your knuckles won’t hurt. 

This gives you the ability to practice wherever you want without making a massive investment in time or money.  Punching bags are also available for those who wish to be hung up at home or go with an instructor to use theirs.

2. It’s Fun

Punching and kicking is fun by itself, but it becomes more enjoyable when it serves as your daily dose of exercise.  Boxers develop strong body muscles not only in their arms and shoulders but also back, chest, core, abdomen, legs and buttocks.  It all depends on the punches that you throw and the intensity that you put into them until they become second nature to you.

3. Improves Your Reflexes

Boxing training is likely to provide you with the best cardiovascular workout you can get regularly.  It also gives your body intense stimulation, which makes it more alert and quick to respond.  You learn how to dodge blows while striking back simultaneously, all within seconds of each other. 

This kind of coordination helps your reflexes become sharper than ever before.

4. Provides Other Health-Related Benefits

Like any other form of exercise out there, boxing does not just work out certain muscles but keeps the entire body healthy by giving different parts something to do for optimum support.  Getting in touch with your inner fighter will help control stress so that you may lead a calmer life without having to resort to food or substance abuse.

5. Increases Self-Confidence

In a world where you can be your own worst enemy, boxing is the perfect confidence builder that will help you reach your full potential by improving self-esteem and discipline.  Punching drills increase upper body strength while making you feel stronger both inside and out.

6. Increases Cardiovascular Endurance

Research confirms that boxing training provides a strong workout not only for muscles but also for the heart and lungs by increasing the endurance levels of an individual in a short period.  Boxers need to have high oxygen intake because it is essential when throwing punches in rapid succession without any gaps between one attack and another, which means they must breathe fast and deep to keep up.

  In short, it is a workout that requires significant stamina from both the upper and lower body.

7. Combines Well With Other Exercises

If you want to take your boxing workout regimen a notch higher during your breaks from punching and kicking, consider adding other exercises such as using free weights or jumping rope until you burn more calories and build more endurance. 

The key here is not to make boxing secondary but find ways to incorporate it with other forms of exercise for improved benefits and results without spending too much time on any one activity alone.    

8. Provides Great Calorie Burning

Because of how intense boxing training can be, especially if you’re sparring with someone else who’s equally skilled, it becomes a highly effective way to burn calories fast.  Boxers work all the upper and lower body muscles as they throw punches furiously until their arms are too tired to lift any longer or their feet can no longer move quickly from one side to the other.   

9. Increases Energy

Working out with a heavy bag is a lot like having a punching bag do all of your dirty work so you don’t have to go around hitting innocent objects that will hurt your hands in the process.  Just imagine how much energy you save each time you practice on a punching bag versus going around bare-fisted without any equipment at all just to let out frustration and anger.

10. Can Be Fun For Kids & Teens

Kids these days are usually under a lot of peer pressure to do things that they don’t want to.  They may even resort to substance abuse because fitting in means everything at their age.  With boxing, however, children can learn how to channel both their physical and mental strength into something productive without having to take themselves down the wrong path where danger most likely lies.  

  1. Weight Loss For Women

Boxing is not just for men who want to lose weight or get fit fast but also for women who are looking for ways to fight fat.  Boxing is one of the best aerobic exercises out there for women from all walks of life because it helps them geter while strengthening muscles at the same time.

  Admittedly, it may not be the best way to lose weight for women who are expecting but it is one of the best forms of exercise you can do during your pregnancy because it enhances blood circulation and expels toxins from the body easier.     

12. Increases Bone Strength

Punching a heavy bag or sparring with someone at a boxing gym helps protect and strengthen bones to avoid early breakage and osteoporosis as you age.  Since you need to stand your ground now and then as you make contact with another person or object, your bones will grow bigger as they become denser over time to give them extra strength whenever needed.     

13. Improves Circulation & Blood Flow

To be a boxer, you must know how to punch and kick at the same time.  This requires coordination of arms, legs, and movement of your body as you work out which means your blood flow has to increase simultaneously with your heartbeat for everything to come together smoothly.

14. Low Impact/High Intensity

If you want an exercise where you can jump around all over the place without worrying about harming yourself in some way or another because of too much impact, then boxing is definitely what you need to try out.     

15. Stress Relief

A lot of people resort to drinking alcohol every time they’re stressed just so their problems will go away faster than usual but soon enough, they’ll learn how drinking too much will only worsen their condition. 

Instead of poisoning your body with alcohol, learn how to punch and kick instead so you can burn off excess energy and stress over time without putting your liver at risk because the only byproduct left behind will be sweat and fatigue after a workout session.      

16. Increases Self-Confidence

There’s just something about boxing that makes people want to do it even more than before although they may already reach a plateau or two during training sessions.  It could just be the newfound self-confidence kicking in but knowing that you’re becoming physically fitter and healthier does not hurt.    

17. Great Stress Reliever

In addition to helping people feel better about themselves as mentioned earlier, boxing is also an excellent way of relieving stress especially if you’re naturally more on the aggressive side.    

18. Can Be Done At Home

One good thing about boxing as a hobby or form of exercise is that you can do it at home with literally no equipment needed except for hand wraps and gloves which are both optional most of the time.  It’s fantastic for individuals who love to work out every day but don’t want to spend too much money on gym memberships or personal training sessions.

19. Helps Fulfill Dreams Of Becoming A Professional Boxer

While most cases lead towards failure, there are still some professional boxers out there who didn’t give up after their first few losses in the ring.  They continued to practice their punches and footwork because they saw it as a way out of poverty or even helping people have more self-confidence just by being around them.     

20. Boxing Can Be Done By Anyone

There are no age restrictions when it comes to boxing so whether you’re seven or seventy, you can still punch things around your house or gym each day until your heart’s content without waiting for someone to forcibly stop you.


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