Panels of Awesome | List Of Lesser-known Honeymoon And Wedding Destinations In Australia
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List Of Lesser-known Honeymoon And Wedding Destinations In Australia

List Of Lesser-known Honeymoon And Wedding Destinations In Australia

As fun as a wedding can be, nothing will beat the anticipation of spending the wedding night with your loved one. Easing into the wedding life through a romantic getaway will surely set a good start in your marriage. Although it is more about who you are with than where you are, it won’t hurt to go somewhere fantastic and worthwhile. 

To help make your memories last, we’ve collated a list of spectacular locations around Australia where you can spend your honeymoon. 

Tamborine Mountain

This place is only a few miles from Brisbane. You can enjoy a refreshing mountain view through horseback riding along the trails or a hot air balloon ride over the landscape of the Scenic Rim. 

There are many things you can do, you can even visit the treetops with the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk. You can go on a hike or enjoy the waters of the many waterfalls within the forest. If you want to abstain from the outdoor adventures, you can give yourself a pampering treat at the Tamborine Mountain Getaway Spa.

Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse

The treehouse overlooking the Blue Mountains will not only offer a romantic getaway, but it will also even let you live your childhood fantasies. With the views of Bowen’s Creek Gorge and the Blue Mountain rainforest, you will wake up stunned and refuelled every morning. 

Come spend your days tucked together in a treehouse with a magnificent view. For the couple who wants to enjoy the most out of their time together, Wollemi wilderness Treehouse is definitely your go-to.

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

This beachside safari camp is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Western Australia, with each of the 15 wilderness tents occupying within the dunes of Cape Range National Park. 

This place is perfect for both weddings and honeymoon with its breathtaking night view. Who wouldn’t want to marry under a sea of stars? You can even enjoy the richness of the exotic flora and fauna, swim with the whale sharks, humpback whales, and dolphins, and explore its vast natural richness. You can marvel at its glorious sunset view and starry skies at night. 

Lord Howe Island

Come away on Lord Howe Island for a taste of heaven on earth. Get married beside the beach while admiring the view and the pristine waters. For your honeymoon? Stay in Arajilla Retreat and get the most out of your beach wedding and vacation. 

Explore the hidden wonders on the island with your loved one or swim together in the cool blue waters. You can even take a hike on the hills and admire the view of the entire island. 

Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley

Two hours and a half away from Sydney, Wolgan Valley lies between two parks in the Blue Mountains. The steep cliffs overhead exude the feeling of intimacy, privacy, and romantic solitude. 

While there are many activities to choose from such as horse riding and wildlife safaris, the villas in the resort have their own pool where you can enjoy with your partner. It is the perfect venue for the couple who wants both adventure and uninterrupted romantic moments for the honeymoon. 

Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is home to picturesque sceneries that will leave you breathing in and out in anticipation and excitement. You and your loved one can enjoy peaceful strolls in the park at night and reminisce about your past and plan about your future under a starry night sky. 

Afterwards, you can cozy up next to each other in Saffire Freycinet. Its architecture is inspired by the sea; its waves, creatures, sand dunes, and organic form. When one looks at it, the building feels like it is one with the sea, establishing it as a unique and phenomenal architectural design. 

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain holds ancient rainforests, glacial lakes, icy streams, and rugged mountains. The picturesque scenery makes it look as if it is a place from a fairytale. You can even get a glimpse of nature’s light show, the Aurora Australis with your loved one. 

This place will be perfect for your fairytale-inspired wedding and honeymoon vacation. It hosts Lake St. Claire National Park which is regarded as Australia’s most beautiful national park. 

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