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How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

Tree trimming is a process that takes care of the health and safety of trees and vegetation. It allows these plants to live longer, healthier lives by keeping them free of any damage caused by aging or tree diseases.

Tree trimming is a necessary part of being a homeowner. Whether it’s your tree or the one on public property, regular maintenance keeps them looking clean and healthy. 

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This can be done yourself with some pruning shears, but in some cases, it may require services from an arborist. If you’re wondering how much does tree trimming costs, read on to find out!

Trimming for Safety

One of the most common reasons homeowners have trees trimmed is for safety. If a tree grows too close to power lines, it may need its branches removed to not be a hazard to the neighbourhood. 

Many companies offer free or minimal cost removal of dead or dying trees if they are hazardous. When you have an arborist handle your tree pruning needs, they can assess any potential hazards and protect you from unnecessary costs later on!

It’s recommended for trees and shrubs to be trimmed every 2-3 years to maximize their energy efficiency, fruit yields, flowering capacity, lifespan, and structural integrity. 

The cost of such services will vary depending on size, age, height from the ground level, the number of branches removed as well as the type of work involved (tree trimming vs tree pruning).

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

The average cost of a tree service ranges anywhere from $150-$750 per hour. If you have a small tree, like a Japanese maple, it might only take 15-20 minutes to complete the job, but larger trees can require 1+ hours. 

However a professional can give an estimate upon inspection. This is because the price of a job will depend on many factors.

Several factors affect how much Tree trimming costs, such as the size of the tree, location or proximity to power lines, and if or when during the year it’s done. The average cost for both residential and commercial projects is $273 per large tree [over 15 feet tall] if performed by a professional company. 

However, factors such as location and time of year can bring this price down significantly in some cases and up significantly in others. Professional Tree trimming services can cost more than $600 in some cases, while others might only cost a few hundred dollars.

You can also look for tree trimming companies in your area by going to websites and typing in ‘tree service’.

Some homeowners opt to buy a chainsaw and do it themselves if it’s only a one-time job. Or to save some dollars, others would rent an electric chainsaw from your local hardware store for under $30/day. This should only take a few hours (at most) and can save you hundreds of dollars!

But, you must be very careful when doing something like that as there is always a chance that you might damage the tree more than help it or worse, hurt yourself from falling branches. 80% of injuries related to trees are caused by people trying to cut down trees by themselves according to NEISS data from 2003 – 2011.

If you want to get rid of a tree that’s either dead or dying – or if it is already damaged after a storm or some type of vandalism – make sure to call a Licensed Tree Expert to prevent its roots from damaging your property. They will cut it down without doing much damage to your landscaping. 

The price of tree trimming services can vary widely depending on many factors. For instance, how much work is needed will affect the cost. If you need multiple trees trimmed or removed, this will raise the price point slightly because more equipment may be necessary to do it safely and neatly. 

Additionally, different types of trees require different levels of skill to complete jobs efficiently and safely, so some species may be pricy than others.

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