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Greatest Comic Book Writers

Comic Book

Greatest Comic Book Writers

Comic books are more than just books with pictures and dialogues. They are inspiring, addictive and they have to capability to expand your creativity. We are pretty sure that it is not an easy task to imagine a character, design them and come up with a story that is based on the character.

There are a few in this world that has pulled off this hard task with absolute ease and perfection. They have managed to strike a chord with the people with the characters that have created in the comic world. Here are some of the best comic book writers.

Jason Aaron

The interesting fact about Jason Aaron is that when you think that you got a hold of his style, he comes up with something that entirely different. Some of his famous works include Scalped, The Other Side, Star Wars, Wolverine, Southern Bastards, Mighty Thor and a lot more. Even though he has come with the lot of exceptional works the popularity of The Mighty Thor and Star Wars has overtaken everything.

Jason Aaron

Brian Azzarella

Brian Azzarella who is fondly called as Azz was able to strike the perfect balance by coming up with amazing thrillers like 100 Bullets and at the same time the mythical marvel Wonder Women. One of the greatest aspects of the stories of Azz is that he makes sure to have an unexpected twist.  He also tasted success with his storylines for villains.  His Joker Graphic Novel and Luthor miniseries are some of the finest works of all time. Some of his famous works include 100 bullets, wonder women, Hellblazer and so on.

Brian Michaal Bendis

Brian Michaal Bendis holds a very important place in the Marvel Comic Universe. He is considered to be the person who single-handedly saved the Marvel Comics from bankruptcy. Some of the famous works include Avengers Disassembled, Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias and a few others. Today most of the Marvel characters have Bendis name associated with it. One of the most noted works of Bendis is the superpower, crime thriller series Power.

Ed Brubaker

Some of the famous works of Ed Brubaker include Criminal, Fade Out, Captian America, Gotham Central, and Catwoman.  He is the sole reason for bringing the character Bucky Barnes which is loved by many.  The important fact that everyone needs to know about Ed Brubaker is that when he was at the top of the game, he decided to quit both DC and Marvel and decided to write thriller crime stories.

Kurt Busiek

When you hear the name Kurt Busiek the very first thing that strikes your mind is Avengers. He is also known for some other famous works such as Astro City, Marvels and Autumnlands. If you are someone who is into some old school stuff, you will definitely fall in love with Kurt Busiek who created the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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