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Why Start Reading Comic Books

10 Best-Selling Comic Books of All Time

Why Start Reading Comic Books? If you’re an adult, a comic book can be a continuous source of entertainment. And, you can use it to escape the stress of your daily life. Reading comic books can also stimulate your intellect. Often, comics are used to mirror the social issues of our society. You can see this on the main characters for every story and how they deal with certain problems. To give you an idea, Captain America was created to show the writers’ reaction to the Nazis in Germany. There’s also Green Lantern who dealt with drug addiction.  Whether you belong to the younger or older audience, reading comics can certainly benefit you greatly. It can reduce your stress, represent who you are in society, and stimulate your mind. Also, if you’re an adult, it’s a great way to bond with the new generation. So, if you’re only just starting to appreciate this form of mythology and looking where to start, these 10 best-selling comic books are a great beginning! 10 Best-Selling Comic Books of All Time Action Comics #1000 The “Action Comics #1000” is a big anniversary blowout issue that you shouldn’t miss. It commemorates the 2nd oldest superhero comic still that...

What is Photo Comics

Photo Comics: For Those Who Don’t Know How to Draw

What is Photo Comics? If you haven’t heard about it, there’s actually a new creative option for people - who can’t draw - but are interested in making their own comic book. And, this is called photo comics. So, instead of illustrations, it uses photographs, usually accommodated with word balloons and narrative text, to tell a story. Okay, it’s not really that new as it was first done in the 1940s. But still, it’s great, right? Photo Comics is a mix of photography and comic books. So, it involves taking pictures of people or anything you want to focus your story about. It can be motionless objects, scenes, toys, or even posed dolls. With this, photographers can put their photos and make a comic out of them! In addition, photocomics are arguably much cheaper and less time consuming than the regular process of comic books. And, this is because photos already have color, style, and artistic lighting that you only need to tweak a few times to get the perfect image you want. Also known as fumetti or photonovels, photo comics have been used for medical education, tell original melodramas, and turn films and TV works into print. Some popular examples of...

Benefits of Reading Comic Books

What are Comic Books? Boom! Pow! Zap! - These are the only sound effects you won’t be able to hear and they have become a trademark of comic books. Now, before we discuss what comic books can do for you, let’s first find out what they are all about. Comic books are full of drama, action, iconic imagery, and incredible artistry. They are magazines which use a series of images and words to tell a story. Usually, they focus on a single story or many short stories that features a set of characters. They are 20-30 pages long and anything longer is considered a graphic novel. Now, when you hear about comic books, you might be thinking about the adventures of superheroes such as Ironman, Wonder Woman, Batman, or Captain America. But there are actually many other types of comic books with some about romance, science fiction, crime, animals, western, and teen. They have been used as entertainment decades before, giving World War II soldiers patriotic stories for encouragement and citizens something to read. Certainly, comic books have become our culture and you can find one practically anywhere you go. And, contrary to popular belief, they are not limited to geek boutiques nor...

Using Comic Books for Photography

How Can You Use Comic Books as Inspiration for Photography? Comic books are more than just colorful images, superheroes in tights, or a child’s reading material. With their great storytelling, plot, and powerful mix of illustration and fantasy, it’s no wonder the comic book industry continues to grow. On the other hand, aside for kids, many think of comic books like a nerd’s must-haves. And, we couldn’t disagree more! Not that we have anything against nerds, we are nerds! But how selfish would we be if we keep comic books to ourselves? We believe that comic books are for everyone, regardless of age, career, or gender. They are like any other books - only way cooler! What most people don’t realize is that these visual masterpieces actually offer many benefits. They can help people learn to love reading, allows you to think differently, they stimulate your brain, and they can even serve as great material for photography! You can learn a lot about photography just by reading these amazing books. How? Well, comic books have certain elements that you will surely find inspiring as a photographer! Comic Book Elements to Inspire You Visual Impact  Comics have extremely beautiful visuals and they are made to catch...


Best Comic Book Characters Of All Time

From the beginning of the 21st century, the superheroes have gained so much popularity among the people.  It is not just the fan base; they are also ruling the box office by collecting billions of dollars. The superhero genre has become one of the most preferred by the audience all around the world. There are a lot of speculations and arguments regarding the best comic character. Well, to be frank, it all depends on the individual’s perspective. Here are some of the best comic characters that have entertained us throughout the years.


It is no surprise that Batman has clinched the top spot in this list. Billionaire Bruce Wayne is one stud who is protecting the city of Gotham from the claws of the evil. The traumatic experience during his childhood of witnessing the murder of his parents had a huge impact which made him take his revenge on every baddie in town. Batman


The “Son of Krypton” is not from earth. To ensure the survival of the dying race Kal El’s father sent him out of the planet of Krypton in a space ship that landed on earth. Superman is almost...