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Benefits of Reading Comic Books

Benefits of Reading Comic Books

What are Comic Books?

What are Comic Books?

Boom! Pow! Zap! – These are the only sound effects you won’t be able to hear and they have become a trademark of comic books. Now, before we discuss what comic books can do for you, let’s first find out what they are all about.

Comic books are full of drama, action, iconic imagery, and incredible artistry. They are magazines which use a series of images and words to tell a story. Usually, they focus on a single story or many short stories that features a set of characters. They are 20-30 pages long and anything longer is considered a graphic novel.

Now, when you hear about comic books, you might be thinking about the adventures of superheroes such as Ironman, Wonder Woman, Batman, or Captain America. But there are actually many other types of comic books with some about romance, science fiction, crime, animals, western, and teen. They have been used as entertainment decades before, giving World War II soldiers patriotic stories for encouragement and citizens something to read.

Certainly, comic books have become our culture and you can find one practically anywhere you go. And, contrary to popular belief, they are not limited to geek boutiques nor are they simply children’s reading material. They can be found at newsstands and bookstores all across the country, proving just how many people are still drawn to them. And, it’s no wonder why because comic books are amazing and they can do a lot for you!

Benefits of Reading Comic Books for Adults

What are Comic Books?

Comic books are created so anyone can enjoy them. They are like your regular books… only way cooler! And, if you haven’t hopped on the comic book train yet, here are the benefits of comic books to make you start reading:

  1. Stimulates your brain – When you read stories, you are allowing your brain function to change. By reading comic books, you are encouraged to think, analyze, understand, and sometimes even feel the emotions in the story. Also, based on research, reading a compelling novel can change your neuron activity, not only while reading it but also days after finishing the story.  
  2. You will learn to love reading – Comic books have great plot and characters, but more than that, they are rich with intense visuals. Thus, they are more engaging and interesting to read than other books like novels. On the other hand, comic books and graphic novels can also help you learn information and details which you believe are boring. For example, you’ll find that reading stories from your history can be very interesting when it’s in a comic book.  
  3. You will have an open mind and think differently – So, when you read a comic book, you must process every component, from the visual, spatial, and to the textual. Then, you must put these components together to form an understanding. Meaning, it is not as simple as looking at pictures because comic books actually involve more complex processing. You might have a different understanding with a friend who is reading the same story, but that’s okay. Because with comic books, you are required to create your own meaning. Benefits of Reading Comic Books for Adults
  4. Improves Your Language – A research shows that the language used in comic books often exceeds the oral communication of college grads. And, if you want to attain a higher verbal intelligence, spending a lot of time reading comics can help you.
  5. They are great as inspiration for photographers – You can learn tons about photography by just reading comic books. Since they have extremely beautiful visuals, you can use them as inspiration for taking shots. Moreover, as a photographer, you can incorporate a comic book’s composition, such as lighting, expression, body language, and visual impact into the photos that you will take.

Comic Books are More than Just Superheroes

If you don’t like reading comic books or graphic novels because you have an idea that they are only about superheroes, then you’re in luck. There are many topics and stories out there without evil villains, radioactive spiders, or toxic waste. Just like your favorite books, they have heavy themes and emotions as well such as Fun Home (Alison Bechdel’s autobiography), The Sandman, or Persepolis.

With comic books, you can choose from many genres to match your personality and taste. They are also not just for boys and they are certainly perfect for everyone, regardless of taste, age, or reading level. So, with these kinds of books, there is bound to be something out there that matches what you are looking for!


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