Panels of Awesome | Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Crm Data Cleanup
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Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Crm Data Cleanup

Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Crm Data Cleanup

Did you know CRM data can get dirty? CRM means customer relationship management. CRM software allows companies to organize and store information about their customers. CRM is an important tool for any company that wants to keep track of its clients’ contact details, purchasing records, orders, business communications, among many other things. For this reason, CRM data is gold, so CRM data cleanup is extremely important.

The CRM database contains a lot of information about the company and its customers. CRM data goes through a large number of changes throughout its lifecycle, with new data being added daily. CRM applications have common problems that lead to incorrect CRM data in your system. This CRM data can become dirty, therefore CRM data cleanup is necessary. 

Do you have CRM data lying around that no one can access? CRM data is big, ugly, and full of problems. CRM data cleanup can make it work again! But what if your CRM data isn’t working at all? CRM data may not show up everywhere in your CRM system. If you use CRMs like CRM software, CRM data may be in different places, and CRM data cleanup can fix that.

There are different CRM data problems that cause CRM data to become dirty. CRM data can be dirty for different reasons, including:

– CRM Data Entry mistakes 

– CRM Data Accuracy issues 

– CRM Data Synchronization errors 

– CRM Data Ownership and Security issues 

Are you fed up with the CRM data in your company?

Then it’s time for CRM data cleanup! But before starting, you need to know these five important techniques to improve CRM data.

1)  No Gaps

If you have 100 records about customers and there is a gap in between two of them for example, CRM won’t count the missing one when creating statistics.

2)  No Duplicates

If you have 100 records about customers and there is a duplication in between two of them (e.g. customer with id 10000, 20000 etc), CRM counts both of them when creating statistics. Thus, create a unique identifier for customers.

3)  No blanks

This is a CRM data quality issue that CRM does not count the blank record as well. In order to avoid this mistake, type a minimal value in every field of your CRM records. For example, you have a customer with id 10000 and the name John Doe, so do not type in the CRM field “Name=NULL”.

4)  No special chars

CRM doesn’t count the records with strange symbols in them. If you have data like this, please replace them with an alphabet or integers.

5) No non-relevant fields in your CRM record

If there is unnecessary information in the CRM record, CRM cannot count the records that contain this information. For example, in the CRM record of a customer, if you have a field named “date of birth” but this customer is not a baby, the CRM won’t be able to count this record.

Most common mistakes: 1)  No Gaps 2)  No Duplicates 3)  No blanks 4)  No special chars 5) No non-relevant fields

SUMMARY: CRM Data Cleanup is the process of identifying, analyzing and correcting errors in CRM data. For many CRM users, CRM Data Cleanup seems like a very daunting task because it’s not obvious where to start or what to do first. Many CRMs come packaged with the option to use the CRM’s own built-in data cleansing features but these simply don’t do the job. CRM data cleansing should not be left to the CRM, it needs specialist knowledge and experience, like that of CRM data.CRM data cleanup is a process to clean CRM data and avoid data quality issues. Follow these five techniques to improve CRM data. 


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