Panels of Awesome | 5 Amazing Shoulder Aches And Neck Pain Hacks
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5 Amazing Shoulder Aches And Neck Pain Hacks

5 Amazing Shoulder Aches And Neck Pain Hacks

There are many reasons shoulder aches and neck pain can occur. Because of this, there are also many shoulder aches and neck pain hacks that can be used to help ease the discomfort associated with shoulder aches or neck pain, whether temporary or chronic. Here are 5 shoulder aches and neck pain hacks that you can use to alleviate shoulder aches or neck pain.

Knowledge is power! If you’re experiencing shoulder aches or neck pain right now, there’s no need to suffer in silence. Try these powerful shoulder pains hacks for quick relief.

1) Shoulder Pain Relief

To shoulder pain relief, put a paste out of cayenne pepper and honey on your shoulder. Leave it overnight, and the next morning you will have shoulder pain relief!

2) Tickling Your Feet To Relieve Aches And Pains In Other Areas Of The Body

Feet are sensitive to spots where other parts of your body hurt – such as shoulder aches or neck pains. So when you need shoulder pain relief or neck pain relief, tickle your feet with a toothbrush (and use the bristles in circular motions over the painful area). If you’re having foot ache problems too, then rub in some peppermint oil into your feet before brushing. Or try this: mix 1/4 teaspoon of peppermint oil in 2 tablespoons of carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, almond or grape seed are all good options) and massage into your feet.

3) Neck Pain Relief

I have suffered from shoulder aches and neck pain, so I stopped sleeping on my back – switching to sleeping on my side instead. That way it’s uncomfortable for me to lie on my shoulder because the arm is pointing upwards. This helped shoulder pain relief a lot! You can do this with pillows too , just place them under your shoulder when you’re lying down. Or try propping your shoulder up with a pillow whilst you sleep by putting another one behind your shoulder to lift it up slightly .

If you like sleeping on your back and shoulder aches and neck pains strike you at night, try using a small pillow under the shoulder to support it.

4) Shoulder Warmth For Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief

Try applying some warmth onto shoulder pain with a heating pad! A heating pad will help shoulder pain relief (and neck pain relief too). Simply apply to the shoulder or neck for 20 minutes at time (heat it up in the microwave if that’s easier for you), then leave it off for at least an hour before reapplying. This is particularly useful for shoulder aches brought on by stress – so use a heating pad whenever you feel a shoulder or neck ache coming!

5) Anti Inflamm Foods To Treat Joint Aches And Pains And Shoulder Pain

If shoulder aches and neck pains are caused by inflammation, anti inflammatory foods may help shoulder pain relief. Foods such as green tea, ginger, turmeric and dark chocolate will all help shoulder pain. Ginger is particularly good for shoulder pain because it has been shown to reduce swelling in the shoulder area .

Try drinking a cup of ginger tea before your shoulder or neck starts aching too – that way you’ll be able to prevent shoulder aches from happening! You can also try using a compress on cold pressed ginger juice over the affected area too. Or use some peppermint oil massage it into the shoulder/neck area for 5 minutes at a time twice a day (neck and shoulder massages with essential oils are also good shoulder pain relief methods!).

That’s all for shoulder aches whether right or left side and neck pains! Remember to shoulder your responsibilities, but not if it results in shoulder or neck pain. If you need shoulder pain relief, the 5 amazing shoulder aches and neck pain hacks should help!

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