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For every person who is crazy about comics, Panels of Awesome is here to take your craziness to another level.

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  • Why Start Reading Comic Books

    10 Best-Selling Comic Books of All Time

    Why Start Reading Comic Books? If you’re an adult, a comic book can be a continuous source of entertainment. And, you can use it to escape the stress of your daily life. Reading comic books can also stimulate your intellect. Often, comics are used to mirror the social issues of our society. You can see this on the main characters for every story and how they deal with certain problems. To give you an idea, Captain America was created to show the writers’ reaction to the Nazis in Germany. There’s also Green Lantern who dealt with drug addiction.  Whether you belong to the younger or older audience, reading comics can certainly benefit you greatly. It can reduce your stress, represent who you are in society, and stimulate your mind. Also, if you’re an adult, it’s a great way to bond with the new generation. So, if you’re only just starting to appreciate this form of mythology and looking where to start, these 10 best-selling comic books are a great beginning! 10 Best-Selling Comic Books of All Time Action Comics #1000 The “Action Comics #1000” is a big anniversary blowout issue that you shouldn’t miss. It commemorates the 2nd oldest superhero......

  • 10 Business Adviser Habits that Kill Your Business

    If you’re thinking about starting a business, or if you already have a business but need some help getting it off the ground, you may want to consider hiring a business adviser. A business adviser can provide you with expert advice and guidance on all aspects of starting and running a successful business. A good business adviser will also be able to offer you ongoing support as your business grows. They can help you troubleshoot problems, develop new strategies, and expand your business into new markets. However, there are also habits that these business advisers have that would destroy your business. Below are some of these bad habits, check them out to be informed and be well guided.  1. Always Being The Expert As a business adviser, you must be always up-to-date on the latest industry trends and developments. However, if you’re constantly trying to be the expert on everything, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed and bogged down in details. Instead, focus on becoming an expert in a few key areas so you can provide your clients with valuable insights and advice. 2. Giving Too Much Advice It’s tempting to want to offer your clients as much advice as possible, but......

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