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  • Benefits of Reading Comic Books

    What are Comic Books? Boom! Pow! Zap! – These are the only sound effects you won’t be able to hear and they have become a trademark of comic books. Now, before we discuss what comic books can do for you, let’s first find out what they are all about. Comic books are full of drama, action, iconic imagery, and incredible artistry. They are magazines which use a series of images and words to tell a story. Usually, they focus on a single story or many short stories that features a set of characters. They are 20-30 pages long and anything longer is considered a graphic novel. Now, when you hear about comic books, you might be thinking about the adventures of superheroes such as Ironman, Wonder Woman, Batman, or Captain America. But there are actually many other types of comic books with some about romance, science fiction, crime, animals, western, and teen. They have been used as entertainment decades before, giving World War II soldiers patriotic stories for encouragement and citizens something to read. Certainly, comic books have become our culture and you can find one practically anywhere you go. And, contrary to popular belief, they are not limited to......

  • superman

    Best Comic Book Characters Of All Time

    From the beginning of the 21st century, the superheroes have gained so much popularity among the people.  It is not just the fan base; they are also ruling the box office by collecting billions of dollars. The superhero genre has become one of the most preferred by the audience all around the world. There are a lot of speculations and arguments regarding the best comic character. Well, to be frank, it all depends on the individual’s perspective. Here are some of the best comic characters that have entertained us throughout the years.


    It is no surprise that Batman has clinched the top spot in this list. Billionaire Bruce Wayne is one stud who is protecting the city of Gotham from the claws of the evil. The traumatic experience during his childhood of witnessing the murder of his parents had a huge impact which made him take his revenge on every baddie in town. Batman


    The “Son of Krypton” is not from earth. To ensure the survival of the dying race Kal El’s father sent him out of the planet of Krypton in a space ship that landed on earth. Superman is almost indestructible except for his weakness for kryptonite. When Superman is not fighting crimes, he disguises himself as Clark Kent who works as a reporter for The Daily Planet. He has saved not just Metropolis but also the whole world from being extinct from many super villains like Darkside.

    Iron Man

    Finally, a character from Marvel kicks in. Iron Man who that is Tony Stark is considered to one of the coolest superheroes.    A tech-savvy Billionaire Tony Stark who was once kidnapped by the terrorists comes up with an escape strategy by building a high tech armor that shoots missiles, throw flames and of course fly. After escaping, he returns home and perfects the suit by adding more advancements to the suit, which also includes pairing it with JARVIS his personal AI assistant. With the help of the suit, he fights crime and saves the world from alien invasion. With his alliance with the head of SHIELD Capt. Nick Fury, he forms a group called the Avengers to fight abnormal situations.

    Wonder Women

    It will not be an understatement if we call her as the most powerful women superhero out there. It is said that many superhero characters were inspired by Wonder Women. Princess Diana is the daughter of the Zeus and the queen of Amazon Hippolyta. After being trained in Amazon, she has the vision of the rest of world suffering from chaos. Hence she decides to take the sacred armor and the sword to fight the evil that is prevailing on the earth. She is also a member of the Justice League.

    Dead Pool

    Dead Pool is considered to be one of the funniest superheroes who does not play by the rules. Wade Wilson who was hit man finds out that he is affected by cancer. Some random guy comes and offers him a cure if he is willing to cooperate. With an expectation of getting cured he agrees. Wade is now injected with a serum by Francis that triggers his mutation genes. Now he becomes a mutant with powers that give him the strength, speed and the potential to bear anything.  Initially, he used his powers to get his revenge on Francis and later he joined forces with the X Men to fight crimes....

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